Etymologically there are two characters who are associated with milk white color.First one is one of Nreus’s daughters and a mermaid goddess who takes part in some of the Sicilian tegends.The Sicilian Kyklops Polyphemos who head an appearence of a beast was madly in love with Galateia the milk skinned beauty who lived in still seas.But the girl never returned his feelings she was in love with Akis who was the son of a Nympha and God Pan.One day when Galateia was resting on her.lovers chest Polyphemos saw them.Although Akis tried to run to escape but Kyklopos threw a big store which hit and killed him.Gamateia gave Akis his mothers identity and turned him in to a river with clear water.Some tales say that three heros were born of Galateia and Polyphemos’s love Galas.Keltos and İllyrius who later gave names to Galats,Kelts and İllyrians.İn this case they both must have loved each other but no evidence of such a case has reached us to confirm additional information.The other Galateia is from Crete and is the daughter of a person called Eurytios.This Galateia,although she lived in Phaistos city and came from a good family was married to a poor Lampros.When Lamproslearned that Galateia was pregnnnant,told her that he only wanted a son and if she had a daughter she was to disown the baby.When Lampos was up in the mountains herding sheep,Galateia had a babay girl.She could not leave the babay and with oracles advice she dressed the babay as a boy,and named him Lukippos and kept all this secret from Lampos.Bus as time went bye Leukippos grew to be very beatiful and it became very hard to keep this secret Galateia fell in to a fear and went to Leto’s tample to ask the Goddess to change her daughter’s sex.Leto could not resisting Galateia’s beggings accepted her wish and turned her daughter in to a young man.